Farmsteads of New England (Redberry Farm) - $5,000

FEEDNH.org has proudly supported Farmsteads of New England with a $5,000 donation. Farmsteads of New England is dedicated to empowering individuals who have autism, developmental disabilities, and others with varying abilities to pursue their chosen path to live a meaningful and satisfying life by providing transitional and long-term supports and services in a rural environment.

Farmsteads runs their original farm in Hillsboro and are in the developing stages of their most recent farm in Epping. The Hillsboro location which houses 20 adult residents and uses three of their 37 acres for farmland cultivation.

They offer programs such as farming, weaving, pottery, and art for their residents. They also have a mobile farm stand that is used to sell various items produced and harvested right on the farm!

Swim With A Mission

Swim With A Mission - $15,000

Swim With A Mission Co-Founders Phil and Julie Taub along with several SWAM board members received a check from FEEDNH.org board members Tom Boucher, Raquel Wojceshonek, and Tanya Randolph to further their mission of supporting organizations that service, support, and honor our veterans.

The $15,000 donation was used to pair service and companion dogs with veteran special forces, including Navy SEALs working to transition back to the civilian world.

The Tolles Street Mission - $10,000

The Tolles Street Mission gave our board members Tanya Randolph and Raquel Wojceshonek a tour of their food pantry where they serve over 100 families each week. These families receive enough food to feed a family of three, three meals a day, for five days.

FEEDNH.org was thrilled to provide them with a $10,000 donation toward necessary flooring repairs to ensure their pantry is stable and safe for their volunteers and community members. The repair project will allow them to continue to stay in their current building and provide for their local community members for many years to come.